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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FlexLoan are multi-purpose cash loans and our borrowers have an option to choose when their loan due date would be. LoanChamp also has partner disbursement channels all over Metro Manila, making cashout and repayments easier and faster for all of our borrowers.

This aims to help working Filipinos that are financially challenged through swift application, less requirements, fast approval and innovation using the latest technology.

The eligible loan amount for LoanChamp's FlexLoan is from P2,000 to P20,000.

Your approved loan amount is determined according to your assessed profile and your credit behavior. Please note that your approved loanable amount might not be equal to your desired amount.

We suggest you to start from a lower loan amount and build your credit record with us by paying your loan regularly. With better credit standing, you will be qualified for a higher loanable amount on your next succeeding loans

You can choose loan term from 61 days to 180 days. We will always suggest you to consider your payday since this amount is supposedly to help your manage your cashflow.

You can always make an early repayment whenever you could or when you receive your payroll. Early payment not only saves you on interest expense, it also increases your credit score for future loans with us.

Interest rate for FlexLoan is from 0.35% to 0.5% of your loan amount (or remaining balance) per day. In order to minimize your burden, we try to do our best to offer you the most competitive interest rate. Plus, if you can make your payment earlier, you will even save some interest expense.

Aside from the interest charged, you will be also charged for the following fee items:
- Processing fee: 5% of loan amount (deducted from the loan amount when disbursement)
- Loan disbursement fee: P0 - P65 (vary based on the channel you choose; deducted from the loan amount when disbursement)
- Payment handling fee: P0 - P25 (vary based on the channel you choose; you will be charged when you make the payment)
- Late fee and penalty rate will be only incurred when you miss your payment. For the details, please find the loan agreement when you e-sign for loan disbursement.

Anyone who is 20 years of age and above can apply for a loan with LoanChamp. Below are the basic requirements to qualify for a loan:

- One valid government ID
- Your mobile number and an active social media account (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram)
- At least one month payslip or Certificate of Employment
- ITR or Business Permit for self-employed individuals

We encourage you to provide the complete requirements to increase your chances of being approved for a loan. Instructions are provided for the uploading of documents. Please ensure that photos of the documents are clear and readable.

Step 1: Download LoanChamp application from GooglePlay
Step 2: Register an account via our app with your mobile number
Step 3: Fill up the loan application in App
Step 4: Once approved, confirm the approval and request the loan disbursement

Since we want to provide you with efficient service, the credit decision is normally made within 1 hour during our operation hours (10AM to 7PM on weekdays.)

Once the approval decision is given, you will have to confirm the approval terms and conditions via the LoanChamp App and request for loan disbursement in-app as well. The disbursement can be made near real-time from any of our partner disbursement channels (applicable disbursement fee may apply).

LoanChamp is commited to being your partner in managing your cash flow. Your registration allows us to serve you better and ensure that transactions go smoothly. This also gives you acess to the following:
- Better service: Registration gives you access to customer support should any problems arise. This will alow you to track your loan proceeds as well as your payments. We also have year-round promotions that our members are notified of regularly.
- Lower price: We promote responsible lending and borrowing. Registration lowers risk on our end, resulting to lower interest rates for our customers. The lower risk we have in our portfolio, the lower interest rate you will be charged. You can also get higher loanable amounts and lower rates on your succeeding loans based on repayment behavior.
- Relationship: We want to build a long-term relationship with you. Promos and exclusive perks become available as you build your protfolio with us.

You have to provide your full name and mobile number, and link with your personal Facebook account. Plus, you will set up a passcode for future log-in. All of the private information will be kept secured and private as we state in our Privacy Agreement.

We try to ensure our service is always live and online. However, from time to time we might encounter some technical issues resulting in the failure of SMS submission. If you can't receive the SMS verification code right away, please try it again later. Or you can contact us at (02) 8821 9621 and we would be glad to assist you.

Yes. We require your Facebook account to be linked to your LoanChamp account to verify your identity. This also gives you easier access to customer support. LoanChamp will only view your public information with your persmission.

After registration, you can now submit a loan application to us. Before you start to fill up the application, please make sure that you have One (1) government ID and At least one (1) employment proof on your hand. Then, you can start to fill up the application by providing personal information, contact information, and employment information. It can be done within 10 minutes. That's how easy and fast it is.

We try to serve all of our valuable customers. However, we still have some basic criteria to ensure the quality of loans.

- Age: at least 20 years old
- Currently employed or has a stable recurring income
- Residing or working within our service area. Our service areas include major cities in Metro Manila. We will be expanding soon to have our services available nationwide.

Eligible government ID:
- Driver's License
- Social Security System ID (SSS ID)
- Government Service Insurance System (GSIS ID)
- Tax Identification Number (TIN ID)
- Professional Regulation Commission ID (PRC ID)
- Passport
- Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)
- Voter's ID
- National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance

Eligible employment proof:
- Company ID
- Paylsip/E-payslip
- Certificate of Employment (COE)
- Bank Account Statement showing your payroll record
- Selfie (in uniform) inside working place
- Remittance slips

Yes you can. Just follow the instructions where you are required to provide your employment information. An ITR or business permit would be required. Providing the photos of your business' existence (photos of your store or office with signage on it) will largely increase the chance of being approved.

Our services are meant to help you manage your cash flow. We promote responsible borrowing, thus, LoanChamp's services are only available for employed and self-employed individuals

Our platform is built to help people so we want to provide our services to as many as possible. At the same time, we also want to share with you how to increase the chance to be approved.
1. Make sure all the information provided is accurate and complete.
2. Make sure the photos taken with your device is clear with proper lighting.
3. We also evaluate your credit through credit bureau. Therefore, your previous credit records with other institutions might also influence our decision.
4. Your payment history with us will help you to get a higher loan amount and lower interest rates. Keeping a good credit record with us will give you higher loanable amounts and better rates.

You can get the results in as little as one hour. The more complete information you provide us, the shorter the processing time will be.

All information you provided can be modified anytime in the member page of the LoanChamp App. However, once you submit the application, the information provided will be the basis for underwriting.

The common reasons we reject your application are:
- Serious negative credit records before
- Not meet the basic eligibility requirement (age, employment, area…)
- Negative finding during verification
- Fraudalent information provided
- No sufficient income to support the loan
- Other reasons deemed unable to manage the financial situation well

Once your loan is approved, you have to confirm the approved amount and terms and conditions in the LoanChamp App. Once confirmed, you may now choose a disbursement method and channel that is most convenient for you. Different disbursement channels may require different information from you.

Different disbursement channels have different processing times. You can get the loan amount immediately thru bank transfer with a servicing fee charged by a third-party payment distribution gateway. For all available channels, please proceed to the loan disbursement section in the LoanChamp App.

The disbursement amount is normally different from the approved amount as we will deduct the processing fee and loan disbursement service fee (charged by third-party) upfront. The details of the breakdown will be provided before you confirm the loan disbursement request. Please read it carefully and confirm your acknowledgment before submitting your loan for disbursement.

Please contact us thru Facebook messenger or call (02) 8821 9621 and we'd be glad to assist you.

By going to the "Repay" tab on the LoanChamp application, this will display the current loan you have with the current outsatnding amount and due date. We advise our clients to pay on or before their due date to avoid the penalty fees.

We have a wide range of payment channels accepted through our partner third-party payment aggregator. We accept payments at the following banks via over-the-counter: 1. BDO Over the counter
2. PNB Cash Payment
3. Union Bank
4. BDO Cash Dep with Reference
5. BDO Bills Payment
6. BPI Bills Payment
7. Metrobank
8. Chinabank
10. UCPB
11. Eastwest
12. Landbank
13. PNB Cash Payment
14. Security bank Bills Payment

We also accept payments at over-the-counter non-banks of the following:
1. Cebuana lhuilier
2. Mlhuilier
4. 7Eleven
5. Robinsons Department Store

If you would like to pay via online banking, we accept the following:
1.Union Bank
2. BDO
3. BPI Express Online/Mobile Funds Transfer
4. BPI Express Online Bills Payment
5. Metrobank
6. Chinabank
9. Eastwest Online/Cash Payment
10. Landbank ATM Online
11. PNB
12. Maybank
13. Sterling Bank
14. BDO Online Bills Payment
15. PNB Online Bills Payment
16. BancNet

For e-wallet payments, we accept:
2. Gcash

Please note that depending on the payment channel you select, an additional payment handling fee will be charged.

To complete a loan repayment, you can either select the current loan to repay or go to the Repay section in our app. You will have to indicate if you would like to pay in Full or Partial. Once you select, you will need to choose from our payment channels that will be displayed and pay the corresponding amount there. Afterwards you will see payment instructions corresponding to the payment channel you have selected. You will also receive the payment instruction in your registered email box.

Sure! You can pay off your loan earlier than its due date. By paying off your loan early, your future credit score might be higher based on good payment history. Your next loan application will be easier, faster, and with high amount or lower interest rate.

Yes. You can make a repayment of a partial amount. In our application under the Repay section, you can choose to pay in full or pay in partial. For partial payment, a minimum payment of P1,000 is required. If you choose to pay a partial amount in advance, your payment will be applied to interest fee first, then the loan principal.
However, only advance partial amount is allowed. You can only make a full payment near or on the due date to avoid delinquency and late penalty.

The update of payment status varies depending on the payment channel you chose. The longest waiting time for a payment to be processed is 48 hours. Once it is processed, your account loan status will then be updated. For further inquiry, please contact our hotline at (02) 8821 9621

If you don't make the full payment on or before the due date, additional one-time penalty fee will be applied to your loan. In addition, regular interest plus a penalty interest will be accumulated daily after the due day. We will also report the delinquent account to external credit bureau or credit agency if your account is not yet paid-off 30 days after due day, so your future financing request to us or any other financial institution will be affected seriously. In order to maintain good standing of your credit record and to continue enjoy our service, you are required to make the payment on time.

Our operating hours are:
Mon - Fri : 9 AM to 7 PM
Not operating on national holidays

You can contact us on any of the following channels during operating hours:
Facebook Messenger
Customer service hotline:(02) 8821 9621
Customer service email:
Inquiries made after 7 PM will be attended to by 10 AM of the following day*

To view our Data Deletion Instructions please refer to this page (

Our App is available in GooglePlay store. You can also obtain the link thru a text message by entering your mobile number on our home page

To give you the best expericence, please make sure that you have the following:
- Connection to wifi or data
- With camera function on your mobile phone
- Agree to permission requirements for full function to be operated on your mobile phone

No. In order to provide the best experience using our service, we strongly require your permission for functions acted on your mobile phone.